Friday, February 25, 2011

Converstions with my Self

So lately I haven't been able to finish any of the material I have written, I seem to be blocked, or ran out of inspiration, don't quite understand how this works, and lord know I have lots of material but I just cant seem to bring my self to write an ending to anything, even now I'm not sure how ill end this post, I'm writing until inspiration stars flowing over me;
alcohol sometimes might be the answer but to what question, shall I resort to external means of inspiration, empty hollow meaningless factors that will heighten my senses, so I can truly see, that inspiration lies with in our hight, trapped behind a door in the back of our minds, which we need a magical key to tap in to;
I don't want to believe this, how ever wine now runs through my veins, and warms my throat and heart, 
I feel the red veil lifting and turn this vain piece of writing in to verses that intertwine with one another, turning reality in to a pink and purple blur, oh how I wish this feeling would be reality and reality became a blur, 
now I edit.....

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I wish I could find that someone that would move mountains for me, 
someone that would be right there for me when ever I am in need,
someone that would jump through hoops for me,
someone to take star out of the sky as a gift for me 
someone that when ever I call will stop what ever his doing just to be there,
someone to make me laugh in moments of despair and will never hesitate,
I wish that hug that would make everything go away, 
and this is not a mother's touch or a friend's kind words of understanding, 
Its something else, something far beyond, don't know its name, for it has so many,
I recognize it, I have seen it, I have had it twice before and thrice more have I lost it, 
now I miss it, wonder if I would ever get to have it again.....

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Back in time

Go back in time I wish I could, feel the hope and passion that came with younger years, the power that we could, do it all and feel it so deeply,
go back in time I wish I could, back to the time when everything seem possible and we had the world in our favor,
go back in time I wish I could, when time was our friend, and summer lasted a life time,
go back in time I wish I could, to the sense of freedom we had, for someone was responsible for us yet we still could make your own choices, 
go back in time I wish I could, be able to once more have conversations about subject grater than we could grasp and still sound so knowledgeable,
go back in time I wish I could, draw my utopia in the the back of a notebook and call it my future
go back in time I wish I could, where plans included how to outdo our last prank and actually getting away with it, 
go back in time I wish I could, long walks back home under the blazing sun at the rhythm of the beat on my CD player.
Back in the time I wish I could, and take advantage of all those times I could have but I did not, 
change my present, to the dream I had in times where dreams where the reality and the reality a dream. 
Oh! how I wish I could back in time go.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


 Me siento flotar sin rumbo tras el día a día, veo la vida pasar a gran velocidad a mi alrededor,
me pregunto si todos saben a donde van, lo que quieren, lo que desean;
Solo por este medio me atrevo a soñar lo que quisiera ser, hacer, tener, sentir, oír, vivir; 
Esta burbuja que me retiene quisiera reventar, no quisiera morir sin antes haber vivido lo suficiente para escribir todo un libro

Lo quiero todo pero nada me retiene, no logro encontrar aquello que me apasione mas allá de mi propio ser;
Un rayo de luz, una guía, alguna briza que me indique el camino a seguir es lo que necesito, 
y finalmente ver las puertas abiertas hacia una nueva oportunidad de tomar todo aquello que me pertenece


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