Sunday, May 20, 2007

From The Desk Of Miss Mia.

Que es el amor?

Sera el amor tan solo un pequeño rayito de luz
que se escapa del dia y se viste de rojo para sedudir la noche?
que seria el amor, si su color preferido no fuese tan apacionante y tan seductor como el rojo,
y si sus colores fuesen negro, gris, o marron?

Sera la rosa la flor preferida del amor y el amante?
y si la es, fuese preferida si no tuviese olor,
si sus petalos no fuesen tan suaves y delicados como la seda?

asi como tinene la rosa espinas asi las tiene el amor

y no es la belleza de la rosa,
o la pasion que expresa su color,
o lo brillante que sea el rayito de luz,
lo que importa es el proposito que tine la razon de su exixtencia,
eso es el amor.

Este escrito lo he tenido por mas de 10 años, lo obtuve de una forma clandestina ya que de no haber sido asi hubiese acabado olvidado un basurero, pense que lo habia perdido pero solo estaba mal ubicado y pense que ya era hora de salir de entre las tinieblas, solo debo decir un cosa mas, gracias Mia.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

From The Desk Of The Black Widow.

Confessions of a true love addict
Hi my name is... really not important... but my friends call me the Black Widow (for reasons i shall not reveal right now) and i am addicted to love. I have been a victim of this disease for over 9 years now and been trying to get some type of treatment for it for 2 years... To be quite honest i don't think there is any. I have been to numerous "love doctors" (not to say i have been with different partners hoping to get a cure from one of them just to realize they are as sick as i am or worse, they don't suffer from it at all). I have learned a lot from each of these "doctors". Some have been very optimistic and enthusiastic about the whole thing, giving me tremendous amount of hope (just so later on they could loose it themselves and blame me for it), others have been very pessimistic about it and ended up catching the virus from me. Crazy "doctors" i call them. I had been looking, endlessly, for that one "doctor" that would finally cure me (or make me worse), until a couple of months ago I stopped and though a bit about my entire struggle with this sickness. I discovered some things about myself and about those around me. I had been fighting something that is a part of me and that no matter how hard i try, i was going against myself. This is not a disease, this is a blessing. This being a love addict gives me hope in a world where that word does not exist anymore. This disease I believed to have had, makes me strong and gives me what i need to go on, specially in those times when I almost loose my head. This that i suffer from is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

I met a person who believes himself to be rid of this particular illness (after months of being with him and studying his behavior towards me and others like me, i came to the conclusion that he suffers from it as much as the next guy) and he was the one who made me realize how lucky I am to have this virus. would you like to know why I say i am lucky? I can feel. I am blessed because I can feel. I still skip a heart beat whenever I think of that great person who made the biggest difference in my life, I can still say I can fall in love, I can rejoice in the fact that i can cause a reaction in someone, I can make a difference in peoples hearts ad lives, and they can make a difference in mine, I can take a part of their love, their life, with me and they can take a part of mine, and I can grow. And i can be different in a world where everyone wants to be the same. I could be called crazy and a fool for still believing in the impossible, but guess what? I am not alone. I know deep down in your hearts you are as hope-full as I am, because love is not a disease, is the reason we exist, the reason we keep on going, the reason we never give up and the reason we risk everything we are, could become, have or could have just to be with that person ("the one", "our soul mate") even if for a brief moment, and if we are unfortunate enough to loose that person, it would not matter, because we got to be with them at least once. We loved and we were loved even if for a brief moment. And that would make it all worth it.

So even though i started this conversation by saying i suffer from a disease, let me finish it his way: Hi my name is... still not important... my friends call me the black widow and I am a love addict, I am a victim of the biggest, most wonderful blessing God could have ever given us, and I am proud to say i never want to find the cure for it. Would you like to join me in my eternal quest for more victims? If your answer is yes, I am glad you are one too. Embrace it, never deny it and be free, but most of all, be in love, everyday of your life.

Truly and always yours,
The Black Widow.

Monday, May 14, 2007

From The Desk Of Nadeshko Kikyo.

For all those times.....

This is for all those times you where with me,
This is for all those times you guided me,
This is for all those times you helped me figurer it out,
This is for all those times you piked me up,
This is for all those times you took pictures of me,
This is for all those times you where right,
This is for all those times you made me smile,
This is for all those times you gave me shelter when I felt astray,
This is for all those times you gave me strength when i was weary,
This is for all those times you figured me out,
This is for all those times you made feel pretty,
This is for all those times you where the best example,
This is for all those times you made me think,
This is for all those times you knew the exact answer to my questions,
This is for all those times you made me feel like the best,
This is for all those times you carried me in your arms,
This is for all those times you came to my mind,
This is for all those times you kissed me good night,
This is for all those times you where you,
This is for all those times you made me write,
This it for all those times you said you loved me,
This is for all those times I just knew you where there.....
I Love You Dad !!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

From The Desk Of Nadeshko Kikyo

Para ti que siempre estas conmigo
Creo en la justicia, Porque sin ella
No existiría la esencia de los dioses.
Creo en los dioses, Porque sin ellos,
No existiría la esencia del amor.
Creo en el amor, Porque sin el,
No existiría la esencia de ti.
Creo en ti, Porque sin ti,
No existiría la esencia de mí.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Love who your heart chooses, there is a reason why…

I look into the complicity of my generation and find that as the era passes by we have become more possessive and more obsessed with owning and collecting certain things. We have become seduced by the idea of possession, as if that were the only thing that mattered now a day. We want to posses more money (in a way we collect it), we want to have more "experiences" not to say have more men and women and be graded by that (another item that adds up to our collection and they better by the looks and by what they have), we want to have more cars, fancier, mote expensive, a better brand; and all this becomes a cycle. When did we start measuring our lived by how much we have or what we can acquire? When did we forget about what is truly important to us? When did we stop paying attention to our families and friends, caring, truly caring about the person that we have by our side? When did we start taking love for granted and sacrificing it for the sake of more money?
I realize looking at some of my friends that love has become another responsibility, another task. No longer is that feeling that we have and are willing to sacrifice it all just for the sake of being next to that person we love so much. Love is but another commodity in this luxurious life.
I pity those who rationalize it and stop feeling. I pity those too coward to fight for it. I pity those too comfortable to stand up and go after it. But mostly I pity those who are too blind or too busy to recognize the best thing that could ever happen to them.
I ask now of whomever reads this not to let yourself be abated by the everyday struggles. If you feel love or if believe to be in love with someone, if you get that asphyxiating feeling inside, if you are one of those who is unable to sleep at night because that person wont come out of your head, if you find yourself doing things you would've never done before, if you find yourself thinking of possibilities beyond your reach and believing that maybe they are possible, if you are one of those who believes that love can overcome it all and that the person you have with you or wish o have with you is worth it all... then fight. Fight like you have never fought before, fight with your entire being and believe with all your might that things are going be OK and that in the end, love will overcome it all.

I believe it! Join me in my eternal fantasy!


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