Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Looking for you

all I was looking for was a little sympathy
all I was looking for was some warmth
all I was looking for was some company 
all I was looking for was some kindest
all I was looking for was a look   
all I was looking for was smile 
all I was looking for was touch
all I was looking for was to connect 
all I was looking for was to belong 
all I was looking for was to remember 
all I was looking for was someone to count on
all I was looking for was someone to hold my hand 
all I was looking for was someone to spend some time with...

Instead I got all the contrary,
I got the coldness of some one who I could barely recognize 
I that claims to see you, yet you avoid seeing me
I that have always been there, yet you avoid being here
I that keep wasting my self thinking you could ever change your heart;
yet you the one that keeps stepping over mine....

I wonder if perhaps you have grown to hate me.... 

Friday, April 08, 2011

The lover in my dreamt reality

I kept on asking myself if I would do it again if life gave me the chance to relive this story. I kept thinking that maybe it would turn out differently, I kept on thinking that we could make it work. Now I know I was wrong. I see you every day and I realize more and more that things are always going to be the same between us. You will always avoid and I will always want more.

I have spent days waiting for you to come and finally say what I know is in your heart. I have spent hours wanting to relive that moment we had, but that wishing and waiting is in vain. You are there, but always absent, you are with me, but never mine. You call for me, but you don't listen to what I say, and you continuously play with my emotions. I could blame you for all this, but the reality is that I understand I am the only one to blame for. I believed in you, I believed that what I say was the real you, I still believe I am right about you, but you don't. You think you have nothing to offer me, not realizing that the only thing I ever wanted was your heart. 

But again love, it is I the one to blame. I keep on going back to you knowing what I would find. I keep on believing in you, knowing who you force yourself to be. It has been years of this, and I am tired love, I am so tired. I love you, but my heart is aching and my body can't take the longing for your touch any more. My lips can't stand not being united with yours. I miss the real you, and I miss the real me while with you. But I know this can no longer be.

So it is with the biggest pain I say goodbye, this time for good. Goodbye my almost lover, goodbye.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


As an artist, I feel the need to bring this to everyone's attention, the images I have posted on this blog belong all to their respective owners, I have no the intention to take credit for the work of those with excellent creativity, their use in this blog merely is to recreate or maybe relate to the text on each post which have their respective owners as well..... Enjoy.


Como artista, siento la necesidad de llevar esto a la atención de todos, las imágenes que he publicado en este blog pertenecen todos a sus respectivos propietarios, no tengo la intención de tomar el crédito por el trabajo de las personas con una excelente creatividad, su uso en este blog sólo es volver a crear o tal vez se relacionan con el texto en cada mensaje que tienen sus respectivos propietarios también ..... Disfrute.