Love who your heart chooses, there is a reason why…

I look into the complicity of my generation and find that as the era passes by we have become more possessive and more obsessed with owning and collecting certain things. We have become seduced by the idea of possession, as if that were the only thing that mattered now a day. We want to posses more money (in a way we collect it), we want to have more "experiences" not to say have more men and women and be graded by that (another item that adds up to our collection and they better by the looks and by what they have), we want to have more cars, fancier, mote expensive, a better brand; and all this becomes a cycle. When did we start measuring our lived by how much we have or what we can acquire? When did we forget about what is truly important to us? When did we stop paying attention to our families and friends, caring, truly caring about the person that we have by our side? When did we start taking love for granted and sacrificing it for the sake of more money?
I realize looking at some of my friends that love has become another responsibility, another task. No longer is that feeling that we have and are willing to sacrifice it all just for the sake of being next to that person we love so much. Love is but another commodity in this luxurious life.
I pity those who rationalize it and stop feeling. I pity those too coward to fight for it. I pity those too comfortable to stand up and go after it. But mostly I pity those who are too blind or too busy to recognize the best thing that could ever happen to them.
I ask now of whomever reads this not to let yourself be abated by the everyday struggles. If you feel love or if believe to be in love with someone, if you get that asphyxiating feeling inside, if you are one of those who is unable to sleep at night because that person wont come out of your head, if you find yourself doing things you would've never done before, if you find yourself thinking of possibilities beyond your reach and believing that maybe they are possible, if you are one of those who believes that love can overcome it all and that the person you have with you or wish o have with you is worth it all... then fight. Fight like you have never fought before, fight with your entire being and believe with all your might that things are going be OK and that in the end, love will overcome it all.

I believe it! Join me in my eternal fantasy!

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