How did I get here?...

It was a another cool and windy night out in the open seas of Lorthmor, below deck she prepares to rests the days work along with her new mates, who where now feasting on dry meats and aged rum; they had started story telling and she was intrigued by those who where the most experienced, and perhaps the reason why she didn't dare tell any stories of her own; minutes later as she prepared to call it a night, a young girl next to her, a new comer just like her, asked her:

- How about you, what's your story? 

- My simple story does not compare to those of these brave men - she said 

- Even so, wouldn't one like to know more about those she travel with - the girl replied 

- Fair enough... -the drunken men cheered and belched in the background as Sariel started her story:

- I used to live with my family in the shards of Helveren, up in the city of Nambar, father was a wizard with a fancy for trinkets, and mother the most graceful of dancers; when I was a little over 8 years old, father decided we move to the city if Shalara down south looking for bigger brighter and better opportunities, upon arrival the ship we were traveling in got ambushed, and in the whole mess I ran off getting lost in the crowds. I spend many months running around the city trying to find my way, getting by on that which I could get my hands on, not knowing if my parents ever lived or died in that wretch.

One day I tried to steal from the wrong people and some thugs gave me quite a beating, if not for a man, a human, that helped me out, dusted me off and took me in as his own; he taught me all he knew in the art of Bladesinging and furthermore. I remember being intrigued by his motives, I once questioned his decision to take me as his apprentice, to which he calmly replied, “This is your kin’s legacy, your heritage and birth right”, followed by he's usual “For Corellon's sake! You should be thankful I found you when I did child!”. 

Since I knew or remembered so little from my parents tales, with the years I became fixated on seeking the lore and relics of my people and finding clues about the elven kingdoms from the past, I started to disappear for days at a time just to collect trinkets that resemble those of my masters stories, always daydreaming of the Seekers of the Song he often spoke about. 
As I got older I decided it was finally the time to start the search for my ancestors many legacies, perhaps find the Seekers of the Song and hopefully become one of them; however I never had the chance to let my master know of this.
It’s been several years now since that day, when after returning from one of my adventures, I came back to an empty house, the house itself was intact, yet my master was nowhere to be found, I knew right then and there it was my duty as his apprentice, to in my search find him as well...

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