To Be Continued?...

Today I came home, wanting to write, to plaster my every feeling in this so very neglected blog, and I thought to my self, what could I possibly write about that I haven't already written before, feelings? well of course that is exactly what this blog is about after all, right? so heart ache, hear break, unrequited love, existential problems, hope, disappointments, growing up, growing lonely, growing old, I have already written about those, regardless of the fact that I am full of all those feelings sill, and loads of others more; and its funny how I notice by going through most of my post that there's nothing I could possibly post today that can't already be found in this blog probably more than 3 times already, 
so, this being the case, I have decided I will be closing this blog maybe for a while, maybe forever, this is yet to be determinate, I figured if I don't have anything new to post about my monotonous existence best keep them all to my self. 

and with this I bid you farewell, its been fun.

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