Galloping Thougths.

Driving on my way home the other night I realized the lack romance in my life, I miss it, I want it, I need it, and not so much because of the person but for the fact that it feels like nothing else in this world, all I am looking for is just a little romanticism, letting that special someone see through to the true, soft and delicate side of you, the touch of mystery and complicity that comes with it, that feeling that makes you surrender all your barriers, I miss that feeling that nothing else exits in this world but you and him.

Men have become indifferent and forgotten their sense of chivalry, women have become hard and no longer know what courtship means, so much that now sex seems like a ATM transaction, go to cashier, insert card, get money, take card, leave; They want it in, out, done with and bye bye; what did ever happen to endearment and flirting, we don't even try to look for affinity or compatibility any more, we no longer know the true meaning of intimacy and passion, so many songs in the name of love, so many cries for closeness, so many poems written to the moon on restless nights.

we all feel it, and dream of it, we are still longing to be looked at, to have ones hand held softly, caressed in ways that only that special some one would make you feel, so if we are all on the same page why is it so hard to find what are are looking for?...

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