Sunday, August 14, 2011

My dearest Black Widow:

I know of the pain you speak, 
I have seen it, 
I'm well familiar with the darkness that you dread 
for I have been there, 
I know your worries and concerns more than anyone alive, 
I want you to have a brigth day and shine with your own ligth, 
not have to battle anything or anyone for what u deserve; 
and even though I could speak of you 
of the beauty of the butterflies in spring, 
and speak of all the colors before black 
or of the golden dawn before the dark, 
what use would it be, if you would 
at the end of the day be afraid of the dark, 
remember that even the night has its music, 
and it is as well beautiful, for it has its own purpose, 
I agree with them, no rush decisions, 
hold it till u can when u can no longer, 
let go with no regrets... 
Ill be there backing you up every step of the way.


As an artist, I feel the need to bring this to everyone's attention, the images I have posted on this blog belong all to their respective owners, I have no the intention to take credit for the work of those with excellent creativity, their use in this blog merely is to recreate or maybe relate to the text on each post which have their respective owners as well..... Enjoy.


Como artista, siento la necesidad de llevar esto a la atención de todos, las imágenes que he publicado en este blog pertenecen todos a sus respectivos propietarios, no tengo la intención de tomar el crédito por el trabajo de las personas con una excelente creatividad, su uso en este blog sólo es volver a crear o tal vez se relacionan con el texto en cada mensaje que tienen sus respectivos propietarios también ..... Disfrute.