Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

There is a glass wall between you and I
I can see your figure moving along my side,
I can also hear your voice as you speak to me,
I can even smell your aftershave as fresh as ever
I can still feel the touch of your skin as I reach for your face
for i feel this glass so thin you would think it is barely there

but the truth remains, and this glass is still a barrier that would never brake,
for my lips would never feel the soft touch of your kiss and
my arms would never know the calming warmth of your embrace;
as i realize this, the image of you that I could so clearly see before
now it suddenly fades, leaving me only fogged shapes in the shadows

i can still get glimpses of you trying to get a message across
for i struggle in front of this wall to see if i can interpret your motions
yet it is useless, your code is sending me mixed signals
and i can not seem to figure you out just yet
i get annoyed, angry, frustrated, despair comes in

i stand there in front of you willing to do every possible thing understand
with a hammer in my hand willing to smash this glass to pieces
so i ca finally get some reason out this and the only thing that i can hear
every time i try to destroy it is that you we not ready for this
i struggle scratching at the surface containing my desires to brake down this wall
and the truth is that i am getting lost in translation.

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